Where to get advice

This website is for people who live in Birmingham and Coventry and the advice suggestions are for these 2 cities. If you live somewhere else you will need to search on the web for local advice agencies.


advice workerIf you need advice and  live in Birmingham see Gateway to Birmingham Advice Services

If you live in Coventry see Advice Services Coventry

Both of these websites will give you contact details for all of the local advice services.

If you live in Coventry and you are experiencing difficulties as a result of a sanction or the benefit cap,

Coventry Law Centre provides a hotline to help with these problems. You can contact the hotline on 02476 253160 11am -2pm Monday to Friday

Why independent advice is important

The benefits system is complex and when the rules are changing and new benefits are being introduced mistakes can be made by DWP and other authorities who make payments. We all experience difficulties from time to time and need help to deal with them.

The articles on this website refer to situations where you may often need to get advice but things can go wrong in other situations as well. If you feel there has been a mistake or if the decision that has been made is causing you difficulties – perhaps because you do not have enough money to live on – you should always consider contacting an agency for advice. The advice you get will be professional, independent and confidential. Having an advice worker to help you removes much of the stress and anxiety of dealing with financial issues as well as ensuring mistakes are put right as quickly as possible.

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