Work Capability Reassessments

Work Capability Assessments are the process  used  in claims for Universal Credit (UC) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) to determine whether or not DWP accept that the disabled person is incapable of work and also to award them points to place them in the appropriate category if they are incapable of work. Work Capability […]

Universal Credit Advances

People who are claiming Universal Credit (UC) have to wait at least 5 or 6 weeks to get their first UC payment.  This long delay causes major problems as other benefits they received before were paid on a weekly or fortnightly cycle.   People who cannot wait until their first payment is due can claim […]

Universal Credit rules for dependent 19 year olds

The rules concerning payments for young people who remain in full time non advanced education are very different and less generous under Universal Credit  as they are under Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit. Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit for 19 year old dependants The rules for Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit state […]

Universal Credit and Health Costs

People who receive means tested benefits are generally eligible for free help with: prescriptions vouchers for glasses or contact lenses sight tests NHS dental treatment hospital travel costs For people who are getting Universal Credit this assistance is available only to those who either have no earnings or have earnings of less than £435 net in […]

Universal Credit for people previously claiming Employment and Support Allowance

How are people moved from ESA to UC People who live in Universal Credit (UC) full service areas should remain in receipt of Income Related Employment and Support Allowance until they are moved to Universal Credit under either Natural Migration or Managed Migration. Managed Migration is due to start in July 2019. Some people will […]

New Style Employment and Support Allowance

What is New Style Employment and Support Allowance? There are 2 types of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – Contributory ESA and Income Related ESA which is means-tested. Contributory ESA is renamed New Style ESA when new claims are made after the full roll out stage of Universal Credit (UC) is reached. The rules for […]

Council Tax Support for people in receipt of Universal Credit

What is happening to Council Tax Support?   People who are getting Universal Credit  still need to make a separate claim for Council Tax Support. All local authorities are reporting a reduced level of take up among people who are in receipt of Universal Credit. It appears that claimants are either assuming their Universal Credit […]

Where to get advice

Information about where to get face to face advice on benefits and financial issues