Sanctions caused by DWP delays in updating change of address

We are coming across people who have told  DWP  they have moved where DWP stills end letters to the old address for  up to 5 months.

This is causing major problems. People claiming benefits  do not get any correspondence from DWP and so they cannot reply. If this post is telling them  to attend a work programme or directing them to do some other activity and they don’t do it as a result then there is a high risk they  will be sanctioned. We are helping people who have been sanctioned because of this.


What can you do about this

If you have moved house, give DWP your new address as soon as possible.  Quote your national insurance number if you write to them about this. Keep a copy of the letter.

Try to make an arrangement to either have any post forwarded or to collect it from your old address.

Check if you are getting correspondence from DWP after you move. If you aren’t ring them up or tell your work coach about it when you sign on. Keep doing this until they sort it out.

If you are sanctioned because you did not get a letter which DWP say they sent you, you should challenge the decision. You can expect to be successful in this challenge. Remember that you can challenge a sanctions decision for up to 13 months after the decision is issued.


If you need help with this contact an advice worker. There is more information which will help if you have been sanctioned on this website.




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