Universal Credit full service roll out plans

  Currently people living in Birmingham and Coventry are expected to claim Universal Credit if they met the Gateway conditions. This means that a relatively small number of people are claiming Universal Credit. However this is set to change from November 2017 onwards.   The next stage of introducing Universal Credit is called full service […]

April 2017 changes

A number of changes to the Benefit system are expected to take effect in April 2017 and we will be updating relevant pages of this website with details of these as they become available.   Tax Credit and Universal Credit support for families with more than 2 children In the summer budget of 2015 the […]

Appeal success rate

During the fourth quarter of 2016 (September to December) Coventry Law Centre was successful in: 74% of Personal Independence Payment appeals 81% of Employment and Support Alliance appeals 57% of Disability Living Allowance appeals 78% of non disability appeals (known as 01 appeals) We represented at 106 appeals during this quarter. Coventry Law Centre has […]

Benefit Cap changes

The benefit cap is increasing in Coventry and Birmingham. There will be additional advice sessions in Covnetry to assist those affected

ESA payments between failing a medical and an appeal hearing

The Law Centre is assisting a number of ┬ápeople who should be getting paid ESA after they have lodged their appeal until their appeal hearing date. Unfortunately it seems that ┬álot of people do not know that they can claim at this time and as a result can go for months living on foodbank vouchers […]

Appeal success rate

During the second quarter of 2016 (April to June) Coventry Law Centre was successful in: 88% of Personal Independence Appeals, 86% of Employment and Support Allowance appeals 50% of Disability Living Allowance appeals 91% of non disability appeals (known as 01 appeals) We represented at 121 appeals during this period. Coventry Law Centre has an […]

Genuine Prospects of work test

Good news for unemployed EU nationals following a recent case. Many EU nationals have had an extra test called the genuine prospects of work test applied to them if they are unemployed. This test is applied after either 3 or 6 months depending on circumstances and means that they may be refused benefit unless they […]

Benefit Sanctions – What is the Impact?

The number of people whose Job Seekers Allowance has been sanctioned in the year ending September 2015 in Birmingham (including Solihull and Sutton Coldfield) was 10,955 and in Coventry was 1453. In addition to this there have been substantial numbers of people claiming Employment Support Allowance and Universal Credit whose benefits have been sanctioned over […]