Genuine Prospects of work test

Good news for unemployed EU nationals following a recent case. Many EU nationals have had an extra test called the genuine prospects of work test applied to them if they are unemployed. This test is applied after either 3 or 6 months depending on circumstances and means that they may be refused benefit unless they have very strong evidence that they will get work quickly.

A judge has recently decided that this test is contrary to EU law and that EU jobseekers need only seek employment and have a genuine chance of being engaged. This is the test which applies to all job seekers.

As a result of this decision the DWP should no longer be refusing to pay people under the genuine prospects of work test. The Law Centre is aware that this test is still being applied to people in Coventry. If it is being applied to you and used to stop your benefit you should seek advice.


More information about the rights of EU nationals to benefits can be found in the article about  EU Nationals and Genuine Prospects of work.

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