Appeal success rate

During the fourth quarter of 2016 (September to December) Coventry Law Centre was successful in:

74% of Personal Independence Payment appeals

81% of Employment and Support Alliance appeals

57% of Disability Living Allowance appeals

78% of non disability appeals (known as 01 appeals)

We represented at 106 appeals during this quarter. Coventry Law Centre has an excellent rate of success and our results compare extremely well with the average success rate of claimants at appeals which according to the Tribunal Service is 65% in PIP cases and 62% in ESA cases.

Our results are very substantially above these averages and this indicates that our policy of thorough preparation and attending the hearings with our clients works. We also believe that we enable people to feel more confident in the appeal which means they can deal with the stress of the situation more successfully and this together with our representation leads to the results we are achieving.

In most of these cases the arrears of benefits gained by these claimants will be in the thousands of pounds which enables them to meet the additional costs of their disability. Winning an appeal  means that they can focus their attention on trying to improve their health rather than the anxiety that is experienced when their income source is threatened. This money is also largely spent in the local economy and supports local businesses.

There are many people in Coventry who are wrongly refused benefits and may not feel confident to appeal these decisions, but we believe that the level of success we are achieving should encourage them to appeal as often justice cannot be achieved at an earlier stage in the claims and disputes process.


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