Vulnerable JSA claimants losing protection

Our new article  about vulnerable claimants who are migrating on to Universal Credit illustrates how claimants who are vulnerable are losing their status and are at risk of sanctions as a result.

Preparing clients for Universal Credit

Here are a few ideas to help get your clients ready for Universal Credit. 1 Make sure wherever possible they have claimed all of their relevant means tested benefits ahead of full roll out (ie Income Based Job Seeker’s Allowance, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance,  Income Support, Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.)   2 […]

Birmingham Housing Benefit 2 child restriction

Birmingham City Council’s Housing Benefit department  have advised Central England Law Centre that they have made some mistakes in applying the 2 child restriction to some families who should not have had their Housing Benefit restricted.  The two child restriction was introduced in April 2017 and affects families who have a third or subsequent child […]

Two child restriction

We have now updated our website to give more information about the  2 child restriction. This new change means that for most families who have a third or subsequent child born after 6th April 2017 they will not be paid an increase in their Tax Credits, Universal Credit and Housing Benefit for this child.  The […]

Universal Credit and Bedroom Tax

We have updated our Bedroom Tax section to include the Universal Credit rules. Some of the rules which delay the date when Bedroom tax applies under Housing Benefit are much weaker under Universal Credit. Under Housing Benefit rules the bedroom tax is delayed for 12 months following the death of someone who previously lived in […]

Universal Credit housing costs for under 21s

We have updated our webpage Housing Benefit and Universal Credit Housing Costs Restrictions  to give details of the new rules limiting housing costs for young people getting Universal Credit. These changes will come into effect only after the  full roll out of Universal Credit which is due to apply from November 2017 in Birmingham and […]

More help for people who lose their motability cars

Motability has now extended the level of help they give when people lose their motability cars either on transfer from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or when their PIP award gets renewed. The length of time that they will continue to let you keep the car has increased from 3 weeks to […]

Irish Citizens Given Incorrect Advice Regarding Benefits

Over the past two months, SIFA Fireside (a charity working in Birmingham to improve the lives of homeless people) has spoken to five Irish people who have been incorrectly advised by the DWP that they are not entitled to benefits for 3 months. They are all Irish citizens and range in age from 21 (a […]

New sanctions figures

Below is the summary of a briefing on sanctions figures from Dr David Webster, University of Glasgow. This briefing  highlights high levels of Universal Credit sanctions with more people affected and with each person having more sanctions.   SUMMARY     “In the May 2017 statistical release, DWP has published statistics on Universal Credit (UC) […]