Changes to Disability Living Allowance

imageMost people who are getting Disability Living Allowance will be transferred on to Personal Independence Payment.

Transfer timetable

The process of transferring claimants to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) has already started and is due to be completed by March 2018. Children under 16 and people who were aged over 65 on 8th April 2013 will continue to claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Everyone else will be transferred to PIP as follows

  • If you have a fixed term award of DLA which ends
  • If you become 16
  • If DWP are aware that there is a change in your circumstance which would trigger a change in your level of entitlement. This is most likely to happen if you tell them about a change> It is advisable that you take advice before notifying DWP of any changes so that you can take advice about the level of risk of a benefit reduction
  • As part of the managed transfer process

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

PIP is made up of:

  • A daily living component for people whose ability to carry out daily living activities is limited by their physical or mental condition. This replaces the care component of DLA.
  • A mobility component for people whose mobility is limited by their physical or mental condition. This replaces the mobility component of DLA.

Each of these component s is paid at 2 rates a standard rate and an enhanced rate, whereas DLA was paid at 3 rates of care component and 2 rates of mobility component.

The rate of your PIP award is decided by deciding which of a number of descriptors apply to you. This process is similar to what happens with Employment and Support Allowance. More information about the PIP points system is available here PIP points

The impact of the transfer is that a large number of people risk losing some or all of their existing rate of DLA and a small number of people will gain from the transfer to PIP.

PIP transfer process

If you are being transferred from DLA you will get a letter telling you to start your PIP claim and you will have 4 weeks to do this. It is important that you make your claim before the deadline you are given and as long as you do this your DLA will continue in payment until the PIP decision is made. If you need more time you should contact the DWP to explain this and they should agree to allow more time. If you don’t do the claim on time your DLA will be suspended and you will be allowed a further period of 4 weeks. If you then make the claim within the 4 week period the payments will restart until the assessment process is completed. If you don’t do the claim in the 4 week extension period your DLA claim will end.

PIP claim process

You can start the PIP claim by ringing 0800 917 2222 (Textphone 0800 917 7777). The lines are open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. During this call you will be asked to give some of your personal details such as address and national Insurance number, the name of your doctor or other healthcare person who would be the best contact for DWP, your bank account details and details of any health problems which will make it difficult to return the claim form.

The claim form called “How your disability affects you” will be sent out in about 2 weeks from the first call. Before you complete the form you should look at the PIP descriptors and score yourself PIP Points If you are unable to score yourself sufficient points to get a PIP award at the level you feel is right for you, you should seek advice and assistance before going ahead with completing the form. advice worker

If you are able to score sufficient points and you feel confident in completing the form you should go ahead with this and ensure that you mention the factors that are significant in gaining the points you have identified in answering the questions. It is always best to get help with the form if you do not feel confident about completing it.

The completed form should be returned within one month. If possible you should keep a copy of the form.

Following receipt of the claim form by DWP you may be invited to a medical.

After the medical you will receive the decision. If you had a previous award of DLA this will continue in payment until the PIP decision is issued so there will be no backdating if the PIP decision results in an increased entitlement.


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