Benefit Cap

Information explaining how the benefit cap works, who is affetced and what you can do if it applies to you

Council Tax Support for people in receipt of Universal Credit

What is happening to Council Tax Support?   People who are getting Universal Credit  still need to make a separate claim for Council Tax Support. All local authorities are reporting a reduced level of take up among people who are in receipt of Universal Credit. It appears that claimants are either assuming their Universal Credit […]

Initial Universal Credit claims closing incorrectly

It has been reported that almost 20% of initial Universal Credit (UC) claims are being closed due to non-compliance with the process. This is happening because claimants: fail to book an interview with the Job Centre soon after submitting their online claim fail to attend the interview with the Work Coach fail to state on […]

New Style Employment and Support Allowance

What is New Style Employment and Support Allowance? There are 2 types of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – Contributory ESA and Income Related ESA which is means-tested. Contributory ESA is renamed New Style ESA when new claims are made after the full roll out stage of Universal Credit (UC) is reached. The rules for […]

Pension Credit Changes and Universal Credit

Who can claim Pension Credit? At the moment you can claim Pension Credit as soon as you reach the pension age for a woman. These dates are available from the Age UK website If you are in a couple you can claim Pension Credit as soon as the oldest member of the couple reaches this age. […]