Mandatory Reconsideration

An explanation of Mandatory Reconsideration the first stage of disputing a decision that has gone against you and how to make it work to increase your chances of success

New Style Job Seekers Allowance

What is New Style Job Seekers Allowance? There are 2 types of Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) – Contributory Job Seekers Allowance and Income based Job Seekers Allowance which is means tested.  Contributory JSA is renamed New Style JSA when new claims are made after the full roll out stage of Universal Credit (UC) is reached. […]

Repeat ESA Claims

Information explaining what will happen if you make a second claim for Employment and Support Allowance after a previous claim has been refused and what you can do about this

Universal Credit Advances

People who are claiming Universal Credit (UC) have to wait at least 5 or 6 weeks to get their first UC payment.  This long delay causes major problems as other benefits they received before were paid on a weekly or fortnightly cycle.   People who cannot wait until their first payment is due can claim […]

Universal Credit Sanctions

Information about how sanctions are applied if you get Universal Credit and what you can do if your Universal Credit is sanctioned