About us

Central England Law Centre comprises two ‘operating organisations’: Coventry Law Centre, whose activities focus on Coventry and Warwickshire, and Birmingham Community Law Centre, whose activities focus on Birmingham.

Our Purpose:

To fight social exclusion in communities and to effect change in society by increasing rights awareness and using legal processes to fight poverty, inequality and discrimination.

Central England Law Centre is the UK’s largest Law Centre, employing 50 staff and 30 volunteers across Coventry and Birmingham. Our services are rooted in the communities we serve and we use our legal expertise to improve the lives of those who are vulnerable and socially excluded due to poverty, illness or disability.

We believe that the foundation for a strong community is equality and access to justice for all. We seek to further those aims by being active in several ways:

  • Providing legal expertise across nine different areas of social welfare law – offering services that can address all of the interconnected problems people face in their everyday lives
  • Working to build knowledge of legal rights and the ability to manage day to day issues that have a legal solution within the most vulnerable communities where we work
  • Making our advice and representation services easily accessible to those who are socially excluded and need them most
  • Using our knowledge of the communities we work in to influence local and national policy makers and sometimes being a voice for those who are seldom heard
  • Using our legal practice to change the law by seeking and pursuing public interest cases